Last updated September 4, 2006

Tommy Tankersley moved from Vicksburg, 
Mississippi (where he lived for 19 
years), to Hammond, Louisiana. He then 
moved back to Vicksburg, Mississippi after 
living in Hammond. 

Tommy works for Entergy Nuclear, Inc.(a 
utility operating several nuclear power
plants in the south and northeast U.S.). 
Tommy is the Manager of Training and 
Development at a nuclear plant west of 
New Orleans, LA.  

Tommy married Dana Pylant.  She went to 
Caprock. Dana is school teacher.  They 
have 3 children.  

Erin, 25 years old, was a vocal 
performance major at Mississippi 
College in Clinton, MS. She is on a 
music scholarship. Erin is completing 
a Master's Degree program in opera 
at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Taylor, 23 years old,  went to the University 
of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He is a 
left-handed pitcher and decided 
to play baseball at Alabama after being 
drafted by the KC Royals. 

Taylor was drafted by the Florida Marlins  
in the 1st round and it was their 1st draft. 
Throwing between 90 and 94 mph.  He went 
to Alabama and had 3 great years.  He is in 
Jamestown, NY  at a rookie camp right now.  
He is on a pitch count right now.  I guess they
don't want to ruin  over a "million" arm.
It has been really exciting.

Abby, is 19 years old, is a Sophmore
attending Jones County Jr. College there
in Mississippi. Abby is majoring in 
Elementary Education.

Tommy always visits Pat Ledbetter 
(former Maverick) when he is in town.

Tommy Tankersley can be contacted