Tommy went to the Maverick for about 
4 years in the early 60's. He was 
on the football team and the tumbling 
team, along with Johnny Plant, Johnny
Hamilton, and his cousin (Bobby Stevens). 
They used to tour different places 
around the Amarillo area especially 
Amarillo Air Force Base.

Tommy always talks about the Maverick 
Club to his wife and about the good 
times he had there. He can still 
remember it like it was yesterday. 
Tommy said, "Back then just as you
came in the front doors were the ping 
pong tables and those caused him to 
get swats from Mr. Dykeman". One day 
he brought a turtle to the club that 
he had found and had the turtle on one 
of the ping pong tables. A boy
came by and threw that turtle on 
the floor and you can guess what 
happened next. The fists started to 
flying and here came Mr. Dykeman.
Tommy and the other boy received 10 
swats apiece from Mr. Dykeman with 
the paddle from hell. The paddle had 
little holes drilled in it and you
could hear it whistle when it started 
toward you. Tommy said, "That was my 
first and last swats".

Upstairs you could play games and 
Mrs. Dykeman was in charge of that. 
In the gym we had our tumbling mats 
and trampolines. You couldn't jump 
on the trampolines unless you had a B2 
rating in tumbling. A B2 rating meant 
you were able to do a round-off back 
flip along with the easier tricks. 
You then went to a rating of B1, A2, 
and then A1 (the highest). Johnny Plant, 
Johnny Hamilton, and Bobby Stevens 
were among the few in A1 class. Tommy 
only made it to B1, but at least 
he got to jump on the trampolines.

Tommy said he is 51 years old and 
can still do back flips on the ground, 
and can still do plenty on the tramp. 
His grandkids think that is so cool, 
and Tommy tells them where and how he 
learned it.

Tommy lives in Atlanta, Texas which 
is about 20 miles south of Texarkana, 
Texas. Tommy is in sales in the largest 
hardware store in East Texas. He is 
married and has 7 children, (4 girls 
and 3 boys). He has 7 grandsons and 
one lonely grand-daughter. Only one 
son is still at home and he's 15. His 
oldest is 31.

Tommy's dad lived in Fritch until his 
death last year. They still come up 
every so often and in fact the last 
time they were there, he took his wife 
by to see the Club on Lincoln Street. 

Tommy still has relatives who live in 
Amarillo. His uncle (Jerry Stevens)
has a car lot right off the interstate
(Stevens Motor Co.). Another uncle (Bill
Stevens) retired from the city. Tommy's 
step-brother (Donny Hickmott) also 
attended the Club.

Tommy says, "The Maverick Boys Club will 
always be with me. I didn't have a very 
good childhood, that is one good memory
I will always cherish".

Tommy says, "Thank you and God Bless the 
Maverick Boys Club and all the people who 
make it possible". 

Tommy can be reached at: