Last Updated: 2-27-2016

Tim Hall said:

I joined the Maverick Club in 1967 
and left the Maverick Club in 1979 
after working there for 5 years. 

My friends were and still are Gary 
Hedrick and Tommy Joe Masterson.
I played football , basketball and 
did gymnastics and a little wrestling. I
 made the A team in Gymnastics. 
I was up for Boy of The Year in approximately 
1976. They ended up giving it to a swimmer, 
I don't remember his name. 

People I remember from the Maverick Club are: 
Billy Bob Taylor , Pat and Johnny Hamilton , 
Eddy Waltz, Bobby Dean ,the Hedricks (Larry , 
Glenn , Gary). And way to many more to name. 
I received many swats from Mr. Dykeman. 

The last swats I received were from Johnny 
Cobb, lol. I went to camp from 1970 to 1979. 
My squad won Champion Camper squad in 1975 
or 1976. My Captain was Johnny Gilvin and 
I was Lieutenant. 

Last Updated: February 14, 2016

Tim Hall still lives in Amarillo. Tim 
was taken under Nard Cazzell's 
wing. Tim 
bought the gym from Nard in 1985 and had trained 500+ 
State Champions. He has taught over 200 National Champions. He has 
placed 10 athletes on USA National Teams. The name of 
gym is called All-American 

Tim was named National Coach of the Year in 1992 and Texas State 
Coach of the Year 8 times! Tim's gym is the only gym in Amarillo 
that trains Amarillo's youth from beginner to Elite Level Athletes. 

Tim has many National Champions 
in Trampoline, Tumbling, and Double-Mini 

 Tim has two natural children, Lacy, 
and Daniel. Tim married 
Shanda in 1997 and 
has a son by marriage, whose name is 

and Shanda have adopted a daughter named Emma who is 9 now! 

Anyone with more information on 
Tim Hall,