I enjoyed your site for the Mavericks Boys and 
Girls Club. 

I am the grandson of Ralph Dykeman. 
My mother, Sue is Ralph's daughter by his first 
marriage.  She is still alive and well and 
lives in Lake Havasu Arizona.  Sue had 4 
children - 3 boys and a girl.  I am the 
oldest (53). My younger brother, Jim and 
I would spend the summers of our youth with 
Grandpa Dykeman and Vivian and at the Maverick 
Boys Club.  I am a real estate developer in 
Las Vegas and have a wife, 4 children and 6 

As a young boy growing up in Colorado, I looked 
forward to the summers that I could spend with 
Grandpa in Amarillo and going to Eagles Nest.
Mr. Dykeman and his wife Vivian, who worked in 
the Library for years - just loved the kids.  
All conversations were stories about the boys 
and their accomplishments.  Even though I was 
his grandson, at the Club it was still "Mr. 
Dykeman and sir!"  I remember wood shop, 
tumbling, and handball upstairs.  I remember 
making a paddle and getting 5 swats to see 
if it worked.  To the kids going to the 
club - playing sports and having that 
experience is a memory we all share.  
Knowing the man away from the club - he 
was still the quiet gentle giant we all 
looked up too.
The last time I saw Ralph was about a year 
before he died.  I am glad to see that he 
lives on in the heart and memories of all 
you, "his special kids".

Best Regards,
Terry D. Barone
Chief Executive Officer
Prime Source Com'l