Last updated: January 9, 2008

Steve Farren worked at the Maverick 
Club for a while and became friends 
with a lot of the guys that were 
there during the 70's.
He played on some of the same 
basketball teams in the city 
leagues with Glenn Hedrick, 
George Gallegos, Jerry Preciado, 
and the gang. 

Steve is a Senior Draftsman at 

He is married and has two girls, 
Leigh Anne, age l6 and Lara, age 14. 

Steve and his daughters Picture 1

Here are some more pictures!!! This picture is Lara Farren (Steve Farren's daughter), and Ella Jane Shumaker, (Justin Shumakers daughter). Lara and Ella Jane This picture is Mrs. Shumaker, Ella Jane Shumaker, and Leigh Anne Farren (Steve Farren's other beautiful daughter). Mrs. Shumaker, Ella Jane, and Leigh Anne His wife, Nancy, teaches math at Palo Duro High School. Steve is an avid runner. He enters all the races (5K, 10K, etc...) in the Amarillo area. He runs nearly every weekend! Ones to Watch: Leigh Anne Farren (Article in the Amarillo Globe News)