Last Updated: November 1, 2016

 Steve Burton wrote:

"I stumbled across the Maverick Alumni 

page on Facebook this morning and read 

through most of the posts that have been 

made.  I want you to know that I will 

always consider myself a Maverick, as 

does my daughter, who is now 27 and the 

mother to a 4 year old boy that is the 

light of my life.  She went to the 

Maverick Club everyday with me in the 

summer and even went to 2 Maverick Camps.
Anyways, I am nearly heartbroken to hear 

of the state of Camp Maverick.  That was, 

by far, my favorite part of the Maverick.  

I loved the ďpre-campĒ get togethers we had 

with the Alumni, hearing all of the stories 

from camps past and the chance we had to 

share that history with the kids of the 

Alumni that made it to pre-camp.  

I also read where all of the Boy and Girl 

of the year pictures are gone.  I want you 

to know that all of those pictures were 

there when I left in 2002.  I donít know 

when they were taken down, but it was 

after I left.  As for the medals and 

trophies that were there when I was 

there, I gave the majority of the ones 

we had to the individuals that had earned 

them.  I believe I had to get them back 

from Tommy Joe first, though.  He grabbed 

them when he got upset with a previous 

administrator and was keeping them safe 

from destruction, which I completely understand.  

We had two or three camp banners hanging 

in the game room when I was there, but I 

donít know what happened to them after I left.  

Iím sorry all of that history is gone now.  

As for me, Iím still the Executive Director 

at Childrenís Learning Centers in Amarillo, 

which is where I went after the Maverick 

Club.  Itís been a good 

gig for me for nearly 14 years.  I will 

always cherish my time at the Maverick and 

wish I could have stayed longer, but I had 

to move on.   

I always appreciated and valued the passion
and love the Alumni had for the Maverick and 

I want you to know that I appreciate everything 

you do and did for the Club.


Best Wishes,

Steve Burton

Executive Director

Childrenís Learning Centers"