Last Updated: 2-27-2016
Below are some of the things Sidney shared with us!
•         1966-1976-----the first 6 years was 
          basically living at the Maverick Club.  It 
          was my life.
•         Who do you remember from the Maverick Club?

          Sid says this is not a fair question to ask 
          old people but I’ll try----Hedricks (Larry, Glenn, Gary)
          ---Hulseys (Carl, Bryan, Shrimp {Dale}, VonDale)
          ---Purcells (Chris, ?)---Webbs (Jody, Kyle, Doug, Lori)
          ---Elliotts (Scott, Steve, Sherry, Robert)
          ---Sanders (Randy, Tony)---Odess Lovin
          ---Mike Shanks---Billy Bob Taylor (BBTFH)
          ---Carters (Bruce, Tay)---Gilvins (Johnny, Jan, ?,)
          ---Zanchetin’s (Mark, ?)---Coach Splawn---Homer
          ---Joe Miller---Johnny Cobb---Valdez’s (Eric, Darren, JoJo)
          ---Kerry Luke---George Gallegos---Bobby Dean---Sohms
          ---Allweins---and of course Mr. and Mrs. Dykeman.  
          There are so many more.  All I need is a little reminder.

•         What sports did you participate in? 

          ----seems like we played one sport and waited 
          for the next sign-up sheet to be posted on the 
          front doors of the club.  Trying to get all of 
          the football gear in those little lockers was 
          a chore.  Still have my Maverick letters that 
          Mr. Dykeman passed out every year at the awards 
          banquet.  If you weren’t in a sport you were 
          playing tournaments in the game room.  Never 
          could beat Glenn Hedrick at ping pong.  

•         Did you ever receive SWATS at the Maverick Club? 
          SWATS---that has to be a joke question.  I received 
          too many to count.  I remember a gymnastics trip to 
          Midland when Mr. Dykeman forgot his board 
          (which never happens) and he used a clothes hanger.  
          That hurt like hell but we were more upset about 
          not getting our hash mark beside our names on the 
          board than getting busted with a hanger.

          Did you go to Maverick Camp?

•         Maverick Camp was the highlight of every summer.  
          Even when we thought we were too old to go; we 
          would still go up there and visit while it was 
          going on.  Many of us still visit that place 
          anytime we are near Eagle Nest.  Pretty sure 
          most of us Mavericks have known the directions 
          to get there without ever knowing any Highway #’s 
          or looking at a map.  

          Earning your points to go to camp was ˝ the fun.  
          Cleaning bricks, straightening nails, picking 
          stickers, planting grass, and I hated cleaning 
          that boiler room.

•         Anybody remember the Halloween parties with 
          the cake walks on the stage, the costume contest, 
          and the only place I have ever seen where driving 
          a nail into a board was turned into a game.
•         The stories never end.  Ask any Maverick.

This update is from May 3, 2009

This is an e-mail received from
 Sidney Risinger, that 
states his 
comments about the Maverick Club.

Thanks for sending out the 
recent e-mails to the old 
I always donate money to various 
rganizations such as the local 
shelters, church, 
etc.; however, 
I have become very lazy and 

complacent  in giving to those 
that are easy 
and readily available, 
instead of giving to 
the Maverick Club that 
made me and many others 
the way we 
are today.

The Maverick Club has not only 
formed us, but I 
like to think 
it has carried over into the way 

we have raised our own children.  
I’m sure each 
Maverick has modified 
their rearing of children to 
modern times to some extent, but 
a whole, the basic values are 
still as 
they were when we grew 
up from morning 
until 9:00 PM 
every night.  

If the entire Country had experienced 
a Mr. Dykeman 
(our 2nd dad) in their 
life as we did; 
what a wonderful world 
we would live in.  

Throughout the years 
I have told so many 
stories about the Club 
and Maverick Camp that my 
family can recite 
some of them word for 
word.  For an 
institution that has meant 
so much 
to me I am now terribly ashamed 
I have not contributed more often 

than I have in the past.  I just 
want you 
to know that your plea has 
not gone 

Sid Risinger lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Sid is ready to go back to Maverick 
Camp and 
help out with the early 
camp work.

If anyone has anymore information 
on Sidney, 
send e-mail to: