Last updated: September 4, 2006

UPDATE:: Just in: September 4, 2006!

Scott says, "By the way,  my book, 7 Dynamics 
of Winning, will be out next month."  Scott
will send us the website when itís ready and 
everyone can go and get it! 
Scott says, "I think everyone will enjoy the book." 

Scott says to let everyone know 
that he is still alive and well! Scott 
is the Head Wrestling Coach for Caprock 
High School in Amarillo.  He has been at 
Caprock for 7 years after coaching 
basketball for 9 years at San Jacinto 
Christian Academy where he won state 
in basketball and baseball. Caprock 
Girls wrestlers placed second in 
State in 1999 and won State & National 
title in 2000. He teaches American 
History and is actively involved at 
Paramount Baptist Deaf Church. 

Scott's wife's name is Angie and he 
has three kids: Trent (11), Tori (7), 
and Tiara (4). 

Scott says, Yes, I still do the same 
tricks with my kids...making your lips 
go cross you know what I mean!!! They 
think it's the funniest thing in the 
world. They do say yes sir and stuff 
like that. I still believe in discipline! 

As a matter of fact, it works on the 
wrestling team. 

Scott's mom is still at Caprock High 
School in the Career Placement Center. 

TANK in University of Phoenix Online

2004 Headliner Awards: Wrestling Coach used adversity to build successful program

Scott Tankersley featured in the Co-Serve Magazine

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