Scott Elliott wrote this on January 30, 2002.

Scott finished his last two year's at 
Amarillo High. Scott was the Captain
of the Cheerleading squad. They were 
National Champs both in 1976 & 1977. In
1977 my brother, Steve,  was also on the 
squad. Hey, with 2 mini-tramp flying 
Elliott's, nobody could compete with us!! 

Cheerleading seemed to look fun ...Running 
around with a bunch of good looking girls 
and tumbling up and down the field, was 
pretty easy so it seemed like a good match.  
Besides, I had to use all those years 
learning gymnastics, somewhere. 

In 1975 (while still just a Sophomore), I also 
helped start a Cheerleading Company called 
Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA). I 
was the Gymnastic coordinator and trained the 
instructors.  The company traveled all over 
the country teaching cheerleading summer 
camps at local universities. That first year 
we ran the office out of a two bedroom 
apartment. We had 28 instructors/employees, 
and trained around 2000 kids that summer. 
Now the company is World-wide and trains 
over 200,000 cheerleaders, dancers and 
mascots from as young as 6 years old up 
through college teams. 

Anyway, I left Amarillo in 1977 to go to 
college at The University of Mississippi, 
(Ole Miss), in Oxford on a very small 
scholarship that allowed me to work and 
cheer with the university. I cheered at 
Ole Miss for several years where through 
my mini-tramp halftime shows, I helped to 
start what eventually became the world 
famous "Budlight Daredevils," in which 
Gary Hedrick (alumni) was a part of for 
a while. I left Ole Miss in 1980 to pursue 
my degree at Murray State University up 
in Kentucky.  All that time I was still
working for UCA running camps and teaching 
tumbling clinics, etc.  I graduated there 
in 1983 with a Masters in Education.

I then ended up in Memphis, Tennessee 
where I currently still live.  I worked 
full-time with UCA for 23 years in many 
capacities - running summer camps, training 
coaches, traveling all over the country 
and the world to Japan, London, and also 
Paris conducting many clinics. But more 
importantly, I traveled to Disney World 
several times throughout the year coordinating
national cheerleading and dance competitions 
(which are still widely seen on ESPN throughout 
the year).

I left the cheerleading world in 1998 so 
I could settle down a little and not 
travel 300 days a year. 

I am now an Athletic Director for my 
church here in Memphis.  I still get to
deal with many youth kids, just on a 
different level.  I also run our Family
Activity center and coordinate all the 
sports activities for all the youth kids 
as well as the adult activities. I love 
my job and there is very little stress.  

I try to instill in all the kids many 
of the morals and the respect for their 
parents as I learned as a Maverick.  
I am constantly reminding kids to say 
"yes sir - no sir", "thank you," etc.  
No, I don't make them do push-ups nor 
do we have candy scrambles (though I 
sometimes wish we did). Haha!

Well, about the only other thing I 
can tell you is that I am still single, 
never married.  I own my own house and 
ski boat and have a large group of friends 
that I run around with.  

And by the way, at the ripe old age of 43, 
I can still throw a standing back and a few 
handsprings (as long as I don't break my 
wrist).  On occasions l teach a few little 
kids how to tumble. For some reason all 
that training stays with you.

Well, that's about it for now.

Well, I better run for now. Take care all!

Scott Elliott (Maverick from 1963 - 1974)

Scott Also added on December 7th!!!

Greetings fellow Mavericks!

 I have intended to send this long ago and get 
them loaded up on the website, but you know 
how things keep creeping in and taking over 
your time.

I have attached some photos that I hope bring 
back thousands of great memories as they did 
for me and my brothers as we visited the 
Maverick Camp back in September of ’06 
while celebrating our parent’s 50th 
wedding anniversary. 

At least for myself, I hadn’t seen the camp 
for over 15 years as I now live in Tennessee 
and a bit too far to make that trip with 
any regularity.

Just some of the many memories that stick 
with me that might bring a thought to you :

Belt lines, washing in the freezing stream, 
capture the flag, hiking to Beaver Dam and 
Lost Lake (and actually getting lost), 
Mt Baldy hike, hoeing weeds along the road, 
putting up fence posts, the outdoor church service, 
CRAWFORD and his mine, the bears at the garbage 
pit while we were stupid enough to stand 20 feet 
away and shine our flashlights in their eyes!, 
skit night, carving our names into the aspen trees, 
inspection before meals (Billy Bob Taylor had the 
hardest thump of the ear), Mr. Dykeman’s swats!!!!, 
Coach Splawn and his special pancakes, trip to Taos 
and the Indian Pueblo, chap stick races in the stream, 
tent inspections, Jr Leaders, the bus wreck (which 
then ended up serving as a game room / eating place),  
the MILE run UP the road!, the old red 44 Willy jeep, 
tin food trays, BB gun shoot …. There are so many more, 
but I hope this found you laughing and thinking of 
your own trips!

For those who may not know who we are, we are part 
of the “Elliott” legacy of Mavericks :

Robert, Scott, Steve, Shane, Shandy and Cousin 
Evan Elliott … all Mavericks!

Scott Elliott can be reached at:

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