Last updated: October 14, 2006

Maverick Alumni: Roy says,"I am Roy Smith and I was on the Maverick Club's gymnastic team in the 1960's. Ralph Dykeman was my coach and mentor during the years that I competed on the team. My teammates were Pat Hamilton, George Dodgen, Johnny Cobb, Richard Womack, Johnny Plant, Odess Lovin, Kenny Vinyard, Ron Webb and others. We were all-around champions during my years. We gave performances during half-time for the Globe Trotters, college games and other events. I was the youngest on the team and I learned alot about life at the Maverick Club. I learned respect for others and carried this with me to today. I have so many wonderful memories, as well as other memories of red bellies, the weight-room and Crawford at the Eaglenest Boys Club Camp." I left the Maverick Club during the Vietnam era as my dad was transferred to Ft. Worth, Texas. I lived in Los Angeles for a few years as a young man.I moved back to Ft. Worth and attended college and married my instructor a few years later. We have a five year old daughter. I am President and founder of the Depot Center, Inc. a constuction company. Also I am President of Media Revenue, Inc. a small multi-media company. I have written two full length movie scripts and plan to write a script about the 1960's era of the Maverick Club in the distant future. If anyone has any contributing stories or ideas please email or send to: Roy Smith P. O. 1508, Hurst, Texas 76053. I want to thank all the Mavericks and staff,I was truly blessed to know you. God first, home second, my country third, the other fellow fourth and me last. God Bless, Roy W. Smith