Last updated: January 15, 2009

Paul Harris was located, and below is an email he sent! Dear Maverick Brother Hedrick, (don't know which Hedrick brother I've got here) This is Paul Harris, active Maverick from 1967-1970, 4th, 5th and 6th grade, until my family moved to Oklahoma City. My brother Ronnie and I tumbled, played softball for Homer, the Doggies, basketball and football and went to Maverick camp. Those years were, without a doubt, the most formative years of my life. We attended Hamlet Elementary School and rode the bus, driven by Joe Pafford, everyday to and from the club. We were the only kids from Hamlet that went to the Maverick, so we thought we were pretty special. Anyway, I stumbled across the Maverick website, after telling yet another Maverick story to my kids. They wanted to see a picture of it so we googled it and wow, what a flood of memories. You have done a great job with the site and the pictures are amazing. I would love for my brother and me to be included in the Alumni section, if possible. I downloaded the Alumni Registration form and will be mailing it in today, but wanted to contact you directly to see how we can be listed, in case anyone remembers or has wondered, as I have a million times, "what ever happened to him?". Ronnie was killed in an airplane crash in 1986, leaving a wife and 2 daughters, but I know he would want his old Maverick brothers to know he thought of them often. Our family has remained in Oklahoma City since moving here, where my wife of 21 yrs and I are raising our 3 kids to be good OSU Cowboy fans. My wife and I attended OSU where she was a Pom girl and I was, of course thanks to Mr. Dykeman, the best tumbler on the cheer squad. I am now practicing law in Oklahoma City. Please let me know what information you need so we can be included as proud Maverick Alumni and thanks for a great job on the website. The pics of the club made me think I was there again playing "war" in the stifling heat of the gym, peeling a half deflated tetherball off my sweaty back and wondering how bad the welts were. Ah, those were the days. Your Maverick brother, Paul Harris Here is another e-mail from Paul Harris I remember hanging out and tumbling with the Elliott"s, the Hulsey's, Chris Purcell, Tankersley, Tay Carter, Tony Sanders and others whose faces I see but no names surface. I am 50, graduated high school in 1976 and Ronnie was a year older and a whole lot tougher than me, but he tried to help me out by beating me around all the time. And I say that with total love and respect! Thanks again for the great website and I'll talk to you soon. Paul Harris