Last updated: January 9, 2008

This is from Pat Hamilton.

I stumbled across the Maverick Club 
web site today.  What a wonderful 
surprise.  I was feeling homesick 
and plugged in Maverick Club into 
Google to see what would happen.

The site brought back a lot of 
memories.  I have lots of friends 

My wife and I have moved to Orlando, 
Florida. (Vacation Capitol of the 
World) I have always lived in Texas 
and for the past 13 years have 
taught school in Victoria.  I 
am an Instructional Technologist in 
the school system here in Orlando.

Over the past five years I have been 
a Distinguished Apple Educator.  
In 2001 I was named a Smithsonian 
Laureate.  I have written many 
articles for Educational  on teaching 
the hard to teach student.  I love 

Mr. Dykeman and Coach Splawn set a 
platter for my entire life.  I teach 
like them and have great compassion 
for all children (especially the 
downcast ones).

I have some real interesting old 
Maverick Club articles and booklets 
from around 1936.  

If you ever see any of the old ones, 
tell them hi for me. Let me know how 
things are going.  Don't stop working 
on the web site.  It was really neat 
to find it.

One day I will sit down and write a 
memoir of my experiences at the Club.

Also, please click on the link below:
It has many pictures that Pat has kept 
and scanned in for all of us Alumni's!

Path Hamilton's Personal Website