Last updated by Glenn Hedrick February 14, 2016

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Mike said, "I live in Lubbock, currently enrolled at Texas
Tech University. My wife Sophia and I have 1 Daughter and
2 Grandsons.

My hobbies are riding motorcycles and golf! I am a Veteran with
US ARMY and so is my wife Sophia!

I plan on being an alcohol and drug counselor once I finish College!
Mike says, "I will be a Junior at the end of the semester 
then go to Prague for a month to study abroad. I am 
looking closer to graduation, never thought I would be able
to do it!"

Mike was on the swim team and wrestling team, went to Maverick
Camp many times. Mike was in a Champion Camper Squad while there.

I attended my Dad's Golf Tourney (Jim Lea Memorial Golf Tourney) in
Amarillo at Comanche Golf Course on Labor Day.  We can't wait for this 
years event!"