Last updated February 18, 2007

Mary Lee Shumaker has worked for the 
Amarillo School District for 19 
years.  She started out working 
with children who were emotionally 
disturbed and went from there to 
children who had special needs 
such as Down Syndrome, children 
with CP, and other handicaps.  

Mary Lee retired two years ago 
from the school district but still 
volunteers once or twice a week.  
She also substitutes when they need 
her.  She couldn't stand sitting at 
home all the time.

She see's boys all the time that 
grew up at the Club that remembers 
her.  She says, "We have two of 
the Gilvin children at our 
school and I have told them 
some stories about their dad and 
Mary Lee says, "I see Kerry Luke 
fairly often and he usually yells, 
"Momma Shumaker"!  She also says, 
"I've seen George Gallegos several 
times lately and it has always been 
in a restaurant, George and I are 
both a little heavier than we were 
20 years ago"!

Mrs. Shumaker was last seen at Coach 
Splawn’s funeral on February 4, 2005. 
She looked marvelous!

Mrs. Shumaker (on the right)

Mrs. Shumaker, (on the right)

Here are two pictures of Mrs. Shumaker with 
her grand-daughters!

This picture is Lara Farren (Steve 
Farren's daughter), and Ella Jane Shumaker, 
(Justin Shumakers daughter).

Lara and Ella Jane

This picture is Mrs. Shumaker, Ella 
Jane Shumaker, and Leigh Anne Farren 
(Steve Farren's other beautiful daughter).

Mrs. Shumaker, Ella Jane, and Leigh Anne

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