Last updated: January 9, 2008

Lisa Scott wrote this!! My brothers and I 
attended the Amarillo Maverick club for boys 
when we were just kids growing up in Amarillo. 
It was just a club for boys then and I would 
put my hair up under my Wilson Quails softball 
hat and come to the club each Saturday for 
movies, hotdogs and popcorn. It worked for a 
long time until I reached puberty and of 
course could no longer pass for a boy. 

What wonderful memories the four of us have of 
those fun days. That of course was in the early 
50's. There is no telling how much trouble that 
wonderful club saved for my brothers and me. Our 
dad had passed away leaving by mom with 7 children 
to raise and we pretty much raised ourselves. 

I recently visited Amarillo and went by the club 
for old times sake with two of my brothers and we 
parked for a while and relived so many great times 
we had together. 

I am so happy to see the club still going strong 
and helping other kids like ourselves to become 
good citizens. 

I work at an ad agency in Oklahoma City and we 
recently did an ad for the Boys and Girls Club 
in Zapata Texas to run in the paper in Zapata 
and in Laredo TX. and it reminded me again of 
the great things these clubs do for our