Last Updated: January 20, 2018

Larry Hedrick lives in  Amarillo.
He is married to Beverly (King)
Hedrick.  He has 3 
sons. Matt, 
the oldest, lives in 

Justin, the next oldest. Nick, the 
lives in the Houston 

Larry is a painter in Amarillo.

Larry and Beverly have several
awesome grand-kids.  

Larry enjoys "The World of Outlaws" 

race cars, hunting, fishing, 

cajun smoking, and having a 
good time. 
Beverly is a housewife.

Larry is on Facebook. Larry attended the Maverick
Club from 1959 to 1969. Larry remembers Homer,
Coach Kyle, Johnny Cobb, Pat Hamilton, Mike
Shanks, and Steve and Scott Elliott. 

Larry played on the Maverick Football team.
Larry got swats at the Maverick and deserved them!

Larry Hedrick and Eric Valdez

Larry Hedrick

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