Last updated February 14, 2016.

Kerry Luke is working at the Maverick 

as the Director of Operations at 
Dykeman Branch.  

Kerry includes 
the Maverick Club and Mr. Dykeman 
the most influential people in his life 

(right behind his mother).  He wants 
to give 
back to the kids of Amarillo 
what was given 
to him by Mr. Dykeman 
and the Club - discipline, 
self respect, 
and respect for others. 

Kerry was recently named the 2000 
Youth Development 
Professional of 
the Year for the Southwest Region 

of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 
His dedication 
to youth and the 
values he instills in them was a 

decisive factor in receiving the 
award. The staff, 
members, and 
Board of Directors are extremely 
to have a person of his 
caliber continuing the 
of the Club. 

Kerry has 2 boys - JJ Luke 19, 
Freshman at WT A&M 
and employee 
of the Will Rogers Branch of the 
and Josh Luke, 15, 
Sophmore at Palo Duro High and 

member of the football and 
basketball teams.   

Kerry has been at the Maverick Club 23 years. He is
on Facebook. Kerry remembers the Directors when he 
was there to be Mr. Dykeman, Jim Lea, and Johnny Cobb.
He also remembers Cellany Hauser, Mary Lee Shumaker (Penton),
Linda Lea, and Mrs. Dykeman.

Kerry went to Maverick Camp 7 years. He was on the 
Gymnastics and Tumbling team. Kerry was Boy of the Year
and Champion Camper. Kerry remembers getting swats at the
Maverick Club and said he deserved them.

Kerry's memories include, scrambles after Tumbling, scavenger
hunts, tumbling, swimming, playing SPUD, artillery, commando,
war ball, ping pong tournaments, Maverick camps, and Camp Songs.

Kerry Luke: Giving back is key to Volunteering (Sunday January 7, 2001)