Last updated: 2-27-2016

Keith said:

I attended the Maverick Club from 
1972-73 ( 5th and 6th grade) and 
1979-82 and some later.  I moved 
the summer of 1973 at age of 11 
to Wisconsin so didn't get to go 
to Maverick Camp.  

I moved back to Amarillo in 1979 as 
a Senior in High School and started 
a Tumbling Exhibition Team with Mr. Dykeman.  

My friends included but were not limited 
to Steve Dunavin ( best friends), 
Steve Elliott, Scott Elliott, Gary Hedrick, 
Glenn Hedrick, Tay Carter, Billy Bob Taylor, 
Greg Fouts, Tim Hall and many others.  

Gymnastics was the main sport.  I 
qualified in Junior Olympics 
and was making great progress!   

Yes!  I got swats from Mr. Dykeman but I 
can remember feeling like it wasn't all 
my fault!  Ha! Ha!  

I never go to go to Maverick Camp 
due to a move to Wisconsin.  I did 
however help my junior high friends 
in Wisconsin put on a Maverick 
Tumbling show for the talent show 
that year!  They loved it!  

Last updated: February 14, 2016

Keith attended the Maverick Club for 1.5 years. The 
Director when Keith attended the Club was Mr. Dykeman.
Keith remembers Billy Bob Taylor, Steve Dunavin, Steve
Elliott, Tim Hall, Tim Dunavin, Gary and Glenn Hedrick.

Keith was on the Tumbling team. Keith went to the Junior
Olympics and the 1984 Olympic Trials in Track and Field.

Keith teaches pole vaulting to several kids. Keith has a lot
of pole vaulting equipment, and Tumbling apparatus.

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