Here are some words from Keith Baca,(grandson
of our admired Coach Splawn). He is sharing with us
some times with Coach Splawn and the Maverick Club.

Thank you for those words of encouragement. I really
love my grandfather as do a lot of people. I love what
he did for that place. I got to see first hand what he
did, and maybe got a little more from him being his
grandson. I remember alot about that place. I learned
to swim there, I learned how to be a true friend
there, I learned to wrestle, tumble, play baseball,
and so many things I cannot remember them all. I loved
those frito pies from Homer who used to run the
kitchen right off the gym, and got to cook with him a
few times.  I remember going to the library upstairs 
and reading and playing games. I have a few books 
left from that place when they remodeled in the 80's. 
I remember Wrestling practice upstairs in the room 
behind the gym. I remember every nook and cranny 
about the Club and how it changed my life. I wish we 
never had to move because I would probably be there 
voluntering right now. One really good memory from 
that place would have to be helping my Dykeman 
getting ready for scramble. I used to love that 
because I would get first pick of the candy. I 
guess being the grandson of coach had a
few perks around that place. Well now a little about
me now. I am in the United States Navy and have served
my country for 8 years now. I am living in Dallas, Ga.
now about an hour from Coach and about an hour from My
mom. I am being transfered to NAF Washington D.C. in
July. I work on FA-18 hornet aircraft, and been on
about 2 6 month deployments. I have seen the world. I
am married to a beautiful wife who has given me two
wonderful bundles of joy. One is Jacklyn who is two
now and Natalie who is 4 months. I have been married
about 4 years now. I am 32 years young and will turn
33 in may. That is all I have for now. But I will try
to e-mail more info later. Once a Maverick always a
Maverick. Thank you for bringing back some good