Last updated: February 18, 2007

Justin was almost born at the Maverick.  
Since his mom (Mrs. Mary Lee Shumaker) 
was the Secretary/Bookkeeper, he had 
a playpen in the office and started 
coming to work with his mom when he 
was three weeks old.  

All the boys carried him around, 
especially the Lukes.  Kerry called 
him JuJu Beaner! 

Justin is the Webmaster and 
computer technician  for Maxor, Inc.  

Justin was recently married and 
his wife, Haley, is a student at 
WTAMU in Canyon. They 
have two dogs, Nellie and Nolan.

Justin and Haley have a daughter born
February 24, 2003. Her name is Ella Jane. 

Justin, daughter, and dog

Here are some more pictures!!! This picture is Lara Farren (Steve Farren's daughter), and Ella Jane Shumaker, (Justin Shumakers daughter). Lara and Ella Jane This picture is Mrs. Shumaker, Ella Jane Shumaker, and Leigh Anne Farren (Steve Farren's other beautiful daughter). Mrs. Shumaker, Ella Jane, and Leigh Anne