John visited the Maverick Club last week 
for the first time in 16 years. He hopes 
to be back there in June for a couple of 
weeks. John will bring his wife and daughter 
for a visit and show them around the club.

John has been married for 26 years and still 
happy! John has 2 sons, 24 years and 22 years 
old and a daughter 17. John has lived in Michigan 
for 21 yrs and before that California for  4 yrs.

His wife is Lena and is from Michigan. 

John is still involved in gymnastics since
he competed there at the club back in 1971-1972. 

John owned and operated a gymnastics school for 
6 yrs in 1983 till 1989.  John did send several 
kids to state championships and one on to college 
on a full ride scholarship. 

John currently coaches the high school girls 
gymnastics team in Cass City, Michigan. John had 
several girls go to state competition. John is still 
loving the sport and cannot seem to quit it. John says,
"I guess it's just the old Maverick blood in me, you 
know what I mean". 

John also said, "The Maverick Club was probably the best
changing point experience in my life and I'm sure
others lives as well. Hopefully the new Mavericks will
appreciate the opportunity they have been given to be
part of the club thats has been provided for them by
volunteers, community members, financial sponsors, and
above all else those that love kids and want to see
them succeed in life. I certainly appreciate the
experience, and those that cared about mine and others
success. I wish I could thank them personally". 

John says "I really look forward to corresponding to 
the old and new Mavericks".

You can contact John Waltz at: