An e-mail received from Joe Beltz (May 3, 2009):

Hey Guys, how goes it? I live about 
30 miles south of Amarillo, and am   
still flying for a living. 

Manage to stay pretty busy most days. How   
about you all, where are you and what are 
you doing these days. I spoke with Johnny 
Cobb about a month ago, same old Johnny, still a   
bundle of energy and looks just the same. 

I hear the old club has fallen on hard times 
but haven't been in town long enough to get down   
and see what's up. Do you have any info. 

Added by Glenn Hedrick April 2, 2005:

Joe Beltz was a lifegaurd at the 
Maverick Club.

Joe's mother was on the Board of 
Directors of the Maverick Club.

Joe Beltz is a pilot.

Anyone with information on 
Joe Beltz contact: