Last Updated: February 14, 2016

(This is an email from Jim Shaw!!)

My name is Jim Shaw and I attended the Maverick Club 
from about 1951 to 1955.  It was during the Dykeman 
days.  I was a fat kid but had made the team going to 
the Cotton Bowl but gave up on trying to get my 
weight down and quit the team about 3 weeks before 
the Cotton Bowl.  That was one of my biggest regrets 
in my life was that I quit.  It seems like I had about 
15 lbs to lose and back then everything we ate at 
home was fried and then Dykeman rewarded our 
outstanding performance with free cokes.  I do not 
blame anyone but myself and I still remember the magic 
number to qualify was 109 lbs and I weighed about 125 
and I just gave up.  I think I was 10 yrs old at the 
time and most of the other guys were 11-13 but weight 
was my dilemma.  I have continued fighting the weight 
issue the rest of my life and have been able to get
a handle on it to some extent.    

Jim Lea (Buckets) and I played on the same team with 
Sherald Fennimore, La Favers, Larry Best and several 
others.  James Kyle was helping Dykeman at the time. 
I heard about him passing.  I believe he had a wonderful 

I do not know if you know Bill Greenhouse who was 
P. E. teacher over at Bowie.  Bill and I have developed a 
wonderful friendship over the last 40 years.  
The hardest swats I ever got was from Greenhouse in the 
9th grade.  

I remember Mr. Dykeman had us doing blocking 
underneath 2x6's to keep us low and standing behind us 
swinging his chain at our butt when he blew the whistle.  

I remember the fear and the discipline. I was a Coach and 
Teacher for 3 years and some of those memories were part 
of my me although I had to alter the methods or 
I would have been arrested. 

After those 3 years, I started another career in Amarillo 
and helped Bill with his girls team out at Alamo and we 
ended up winning a state championship in the Catholic 

Thanks for putting the site together and keeping up with 
the Mavericks. I did not see a couple of other Mavericks 
on the list but may have been an oversight on 
my part.  

John Brittain, Larry Best and his brother Donnie.  
Larry and I were best friends from the second grade on and 
remain friends to this day.

Jim Shaw
6326 Ogg Rd.
Shawnee, Ks 66218