Last updated: February 14, 2016

Debi Lea lives in Amarillo. Her mom is Linda Lea, and 
her late Father was Jim Lea. Debi helped out at Comanche Golf
Course with the Jim Lea Memorial Golf Tourney on Labor Day
last year.

Debi is married to Jason Maxwell. Debi has a daughter named 
Kelbi. She has two sons, Coby and Kip. She says she loves those

Debi works at Broome optical in Amarillo. Debi is on Facebook.
The Directors at the Club when Debi attended was Mr. Dykeman
and her Dad Jim Lea. Debi remembers Mary Lee Shumaker (Penton) 
and Cellany Hauser at the Club.

Debi attended Maverick Camp for 5 or so years. She was on the
gymnastics team, and swim team.

Some of Debi's memories was "Being the only girl at the time to
be allowed to tumble and be wherever the boys were allowed. Wish 
I could of been recognized back then (other than BRAT!). 

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Debbie Lea contact: