Last updated: January 20, 2018

David played all the Maverick sports, baseball, basketball,
football (WAS on the Pop Warner team
that went to California but could not make the trip
out there because my grandmother was dying).

David also did tumbling and trampoline. David said
Trampolines was his ticket out of poverty and ended
up being the reason I was given a Full Scholarship
to the University of  Michigan. 

While at University of Michigan David won every
Major Trampoline title in the World.  David was
3-Time World Champion. He won 2 NCAA 
Trampoline titles and 1 NCAA floor exercise and
3 Big Ten Trampoline titles. 

David was Captain of the Michiganís Cheerleading team for the
4 years while at Michigan etc..

David said God has blessed his life beyond his wildest dreams.

Reach out to David as below!

David A. Jacobs, President
World Acrobatics Society
Gallery of Legends Hall of Fame
Cell: 404.754.6671
Have a Blessed Day :)