Last Updated: 3-3-2016
Darrin Halford said:

I went to the Maverick  Club from 1970 to 1987.

My friends were Kerry Luke, and the 
whole Luke Family, Gary Hedrick, 
Tim Hall, Michael Lea, Ronnie Higdon,  
Lonnie Litke, Jackie and Jerry Gilvin, 
Trey Britton, Bobby Lerman, Mark Stovall,  
Michael Stovall, Todd Bufkin,  Shane Percival, 
Tim Dunavin,  Marty Cline, Terry Cline, 
Frankie Cline, Scott Tankersley,  
Steve Nelson, Felix Rios. John Hurst, 
Brad Jergens, Barry Litke, Tony Griffith, 
and Todd Griffith, Brett Britton, 

The teams I was on was the Tumbling, 
Wrestling, Diving, also played 
basketball, dodge ball, cart races, 
scramble, ping pong, pool, bumper pool, 
and trampoline. 

I also helped Coach the Tumbling team.

After the Maverick, I joined the US Army, 
Germany, Korea, Ft. Sill Oklahoma, I still 
wrestled in these countries. I made rank 
very fast due to the respect I learned 
from the Maverick. I went into Delta Force 
were I spent my last 10 years and made the 
rank of E8/Master Sargent and Retired in 
2007 at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. I remained 
working there as civilian for 3 more years. 

I also took over a Wrestling Club in 1995 that 
I still coach today and is one of the Top teams 
in North Carolina, the name is the Pinning 
Pythons Wrestling Club and it is also on Facebook.

Yes I received more spankings from Mr. Dykeman 
than I care to remember.

Yes I went to the Maverick Camp a number of 
times when Gary was the GL and then I went 
as a GL myself. 

They Maverick gave me a lot and I have tried 
to continue the tradition. 

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Darrin Halford contact: