Danny Morales attended the Maverick 
Boys Club from 1965 to 1975. These 
were the best years of Danny's life. 
Next to his father, Ralph Dykeman 
has been the most infulential man in 
his life. 

The Maverick Club taught Danny respect 
and discipline. Little did he know at 
the time that everything he did would 
affect his life! It was there Danny 
learned true friendship. 

Danny said he can honestly say that 
all of his friends from the Maverick 
Club are still his best friends. 
It is friendship forever. Now as a father 
and as a husband, Danny tries to pass that 
same knowledge to his children and someday 
to his grandchildren. Not only does the 
Maverick Club teach self-discipline, but 
it also teaches to put God first in 
everything. That is what is most important.