Last updated on May 3, 2009

Chris lives in Borger and plays golf all the 
time. He has two beautiful kids and now one 
grandson. His Kids names are Maleah, she is 
a sweet girl living in Denton and she is 24. 
His son Ryan is 23 and also lives in Denton. 
Ryan has a 21 month old son, and now a new
grand daughter, (Molly Beth Johnston). He (Gage) 
is 32 months old and is a charm to be around.. 
Maleah and Ryan were both hooked up athletically 
with Maleah in Basketball and Track (400 meters) 
and Ryan in Football and Basketball.

Chris still works for Phillips as a Manufacturing 
Specialist/Team Leader (27 years)...
Now Conoco Phillips in Borger. He is in mid 
management. Chris coordinates Operations and 
Maintenance in the ARDS area. Chris says it
is a hard job, but soon he will be moving 
up to a different job as soon as he is 
released from this one. 

His wife is Whitney and she is a good golfer.
She is a Biology Teacher and Golf Coach  @ 
Borger ISD.
They play couple tournaments together and 
have a good time together. She is a great 
wife and is a Golf coach and Biology teacher 
at the local High School.She has a 10-11 
handicap and Chris's is 5. He shoots par 
most of the time here but says, "Our course 
rating is just 68 and is rather short, (6400)." 
With my OCD problem playing hours of golf 
to improve was not hard.  I'm OK off of the 
tee, with a good short game usually.

Chris had another knee surgery in November. It was on 
his "good" left knee. Makes it the 1st one 
on that one. 3 on the other one. 
Chris started golfing in earnest in 1994 
due to my not being able to continue to 
compete in Tri-Biathalons due to being 
run over by a Suburban in 1988. He continued 
to compete after numerous surgeries for 
broken arms leg, etc. But the pain became 
prohibitive. The level that he wanted to 
compete at required more than his body 
could take at that intensity.

Chris won the State Time Trial 
Championship (40K) 2 years running at 
one point. Chris was listed as an All 
American Biathlete in 1991. (4th ranked 
in the USA). 

Here is a pic of Chris with James Mays
at the PSHOF Inductance Ceremony.

Chris Purcell

Here is a pic of Chris with Johnny Cobb
at the PSHOF Inductance Ceremony.

Chris Purcell

Chris wrote this e-mail to Glenn Hedrick (May 3, 2009):

I'm going to change my check draft from 
the United Way to contact the Maverick 
Club directly. Just incase the Maverick 
Club does not get it all. Whit and I 
have tried to send a little that way 
and also to the Boys Ranch. I wished 
I lived in Amarillo so that I could 
help out at the club, but I do not. 

I do not know any of the people there 
and would feel wierd if I just showed 
up. Know what I mean? 
Mr. Dykeman died and I cried for days 
afterward at the drop of a hat. My mom 
was visiting and was not paying 
attention to the news and paper. 

When I heard I was in shock that I 
missed paying my respects to him I know 
he knows that people like me were HIS 

sons. He was more of a dad to me 
than the ones that called themselves 
my "dads". Just being at the club was 

I'm not so sure it will ever be the 
way it was when we attended the Maverick. 
Mr. Dykemen would get sued and grilled 
by the media over his tactics. But in 
those days those measures were exactly 
what we needed to make sure we grew up