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Cellany attended the Jim Lea 
Memorial Golf Tournament and 
was a Volunteer. She also 
attended the Maverick Alumni 
Reunion dinner at the Maverick 
Club. Cellany is very interested 
in forming a Maverick Alumni Association. 

Last updated: January 15, 2009

Cellany has a degree in Recreation 
(Thanks to Marylee 
Shumaker) and a BA in 
Management.  After 20 years in 
Business in 
various Business and 
Management positions Cellany 
to change career fields.  She became 
Correctional Officer (CO) for the 
State of Alaska 
Dept. of Corrections.  
(Guard is to protect 
something of value.)  

Her job is to see that the 
follow the rules and play well together 

while incarcerated. Probably the biggest 
was the week on week off.  

She works 7 days 12 hour 
shifts and then 
gets a week off. So in reality she 
works 2 weeks a month. 

Her first two years 
she spent at the men's maximum
prison in Seward, Alaska.  She says "It 

was good but the commute got old."  She 
is currently 
at a medium/minimum prison 
in Sutton, Alaska, which 
is about 25 miles 
from her home verses 300.
Believe it or 
not Cellany still plays golf. She said, 

"We do have some great courses up here, 
and of course 
living in Alaska you have 
to fish."    

Cellany's home is in the Mat Valley, 
which is about 
50 miles north of Anchorage.  
When she first moved 
out there it was 
classified as rural but in the last 
years it has been the fastest growing part 
the state and it's pretty much a bedroom 
to Anchorage.  

Cellany said,"Even though it has been 26 
years since 
I left Amarillo,I still think 
of the gang and the Club 
often.  I suspect 
that Mr. & Mrs. Dykeman and Coach 
never dreamed of how many lives they would 

January 15, 2009 

Cellany wrote 

Hi Glenn:  Well how is the donation 
drive going.  
Just 2 months ago I sent them 
a check for a 
mere $100.00 which I know is 
nothing.  I don't 
have a problem giving a 
larger donation as 
long as I know that they 
have a fighting chance.     

What has caused 
this finanical situation?  

Let me know. 
Thanks, Cellany Hauser  


You can reach Cellany at:

Cellany Hauser lives in Alaska 
and recently 
became a guard in a prison. 

Before that she 
worked for many years 
with the organization 
that sponsors 
and organizes the Ididarod Dog 
Race each year.

You can contact 
Cellany at: