Billy Bob Taylor (or commonly known as 
BBT from H), was a Maverick. The H 
stood for Hereford where Billy Bob 
was from.  Billy Bob was a clown 
in a circus where he met his wife Barbara.

The latest anyone has heard about 
Billy Bob is in August of 1999. The 
club he started in Charleston, West 
Virginia, named Maverick Gymnastics 
moved from Charleston to Kanawha City, 
West Virginia. 

We believe the address of 3406 Chesterfield 
is the correct address for the gymnastics 
club and pro shop.  According to Google 
search it does list Billy Bob as the Director. 

Billy Bob's Gym Website

Here are some Pictures of Billy Bob and his brother Mark Baker. Anyone with information on Billy Bob Taylor, send an e-mail to: