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Homer Daughtery worked for the Maverick 
Club for many years. Homer pretty much 
did anything that was needed at the 
Club. Homer walked to and from work 
everyday. He never accepted a ride, 
unless the weather was miserable. 

Homer was known to give out spare 
change to the little kids for 
candy. Homer's favorite candy bar 
was Willy Wonka. 

Homer won the first Man of the 
Year award at the Maverick Club. 
He was awarded a TV set from Mr.
Dykeman. Homer actually was touched 
on this!

Everyone remembers Homer's burgers 
and his greasy fries. Actually even 
though this doesn't sound good, 
everyone remembers eating them to 
this day, and will kill for them now! 

Homer was rumored to be the Masked 
Marvel in his professional wrestling 
days. He would never own up to this 

Homer was one of the most dedicated 
men anyone ever met. He loved his job. 
Every once and a while Homer said he 
was going to quit. But, he stayed around 
for many years!

 If you wanted any stat's about sports, 
you went to Homer. If you didn't want 
to hear about the Boston Celtics, and 
John Havlicek, you best not go around 
Homer. And don't even think you could 
beat Homer in bumper pool! 

Homer died not too long ago. The 
minister at the funeral did a 
great job and talked about how 
Homer walked from his house to the 
church every Sunday and Wednesday 
and wouldn't let anyone give him 
a ride. He finally let the minister 
take him home one night when the 
weather got bad.  

After that the minister took him 
to several Dillas games, etc.  He 
said that everywhere he took 
Homer someone would come up and talk 
to him about Homer burgers at 
the Maverick. 

Homer was an Icon to the alumni's, 
and the Maverick Club. He will be 
sorely missed. 

Homer Daughtery